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In late November Summertown Interiors, the UAE’s leading fit-out contractor specialising in green interiors, joined its global partners from The United Workplace (TUW), at a WORKTECH18 London panel to discuss its new collaborative report – The Puzzle of Productivity – which focuses on key factors that contribute to enhancing workplace performance.

U.S. markets ended the week on a negative note on the back of lower than expected jobs report coupled with ongoing trade war concerns.

Despite having the largest market in the GCC in terms of population and consumer spend, Saudi Arabia’s tech startup ecosystem is small and nascent compared to its vast oil sector. SMEs make up a small proportion of the economic activity in the Kingdom, contributing about 20% to the GDP. Unemployment among Saudi nationals is around 12.8%, but youth – who comprise about half of the 32 million population – face a more difficult challenge, as the public sector, which has traditionally been the main employer of university graduates, has become overcrowded.

Karim Refas – Regional Channel Manager -Eaton Middle East

#1 – Staying focused

“One key challenge for channel partners in 2019 will be maintaining their focus on organisational goals without being distracted by major macro-economic trends or events, such as tariffs, political instability and oil prices. This is especially important as uncertainty and a lack of vision are quick routes to immobilising an organisation. In a year when many companies are hoping to do business early given a potentially tough second half to the year once the UK has left the EU, those paralysed by doubt will struggle.

A new poll conducted by – the Middle East’s largest Job Site – reveals that more than four in five (83%) professionals have considered “changing their career path completely”, with nearly two thirds (64.2%) saying that it is “very easy” to change jobs in the region.