In honour of the Year of Zayed initiative, Dubai-based artist and designer Farida Talaat, has recently created a cross-stitch artwork in the shape of the initiative’s official logo in hundreds of minute cross-stitches. The monochromatic production features tiny black needlepoint stitches set against a white background of special perforated fabric outlined by a minimalist matte gold frame.

Farida who has been living In the UAE for over 17 years created the artwork especially for the patriotic event. “The centennial anniversary of the late Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan is a significant occasion and I wanted to celebrate it the best way I could; through my cross-stitchery art,” says Farida. “It is my way of commemorating the life of such a remarkable and visionary Arab icon and leader known for his wisdom and strong sense of Arabhood,” she adds.

Attesting to the young designer’s love for the UAE is the degree of intricacy on the piece created with artistry and patience. “The UAE is my home. It is a nation that has demonstrated tremendous tolerance and its multiculturalism is a source of inspiration to me as an artist.”

With dexterity, Farida spent over three months meticulously hand sewing every little stitch. “I’m glad how the final design remained true to the actual logo. An art form like needlework embroidery tends to pixelate the original design to some extent.”

Farida offered the piece of art to the Consulate General of the UAE in Toronto, Canada where she is currently spending holiday time with family, and looks to see it participate in arts and culture events till the end of 2018.

This is the second artwork Farida has created celebrating the UAE in recent years. Previously she has designed an artworked flag of the country embellished with red, green and black buttons, beads, bows, Swarovski crystals® and other ornaments. She has also already started working on another unique artwork to celebrate the UAE’s Semi-Centennial anniversary in three years’ time, to be revealed in 2021.