Sharjah’s first outdoor art festival ‘Reflection’, which is hosted and organised by Al Qasba from 20 - 31 December 2018, will witness the participation of  U.S. Consulate General  who will showcase several 90s movies from media companies like Marvel, Disney, and DC at Masrah Al Qasba - Theatre. The festival seeks to offer the local community an exploratory space for artworks, sculptors, theatre, music, movies, photographs and much more.

Beginning at 5:00 p.m. daily until 10:00 p.m., the popular leisure, cultural and tourist destination will be transformed into a pulsating melting pot for artists to showcase their talents and creativity to over 200+ nationalities, local art foundations, regionally established artists, and conduct workshops and discussions among enthusiasts.

Khuloud Al Junaibi, General Manager of Al Qasba, said: “As the cultural capital of the UAE, Reflection aims to embody the spirit of Sharjah. It’s an event that embraces all walks of life, from music, artworks, movies, and people. The hope is that audiences can increase global understanding through their participation. We are extremely happy to collaborate with US Consulate General  and look forward to sharing the experience with all visitors.”

Christine Dal Bello, Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Consulate General Dubai, remarked: “It’s a great privilege to be  part of Al Qasba’s first-of-its-kind art festival that seeks to share culture. This event is planned with the central idea of learning about various cultures and their works, which is more important than ever in our current times. Culture is a way to sustain people and lift us up in our best and worse times. We look forward to participate in this event and bringing popular 90s and early 2000s movies to nostalgic fans.”

The movies will be showcased to educate children on pop culture as well as cater to audiences who are movie-buffs. Nostalgic fans can watch the movies beginning from 20 - 29 December.

Sharjah’s Al Qasba offers state-of-the-art facilities to visitors as well as businesses. The destination is known for delivering premium services, and has been hosting world-class event, which see a huge turnout of tourists and locals throughout the year. Each event is immaculately planned and visitor experience is always on top of the agenda. 


Source: National Network Communications (NNC)