The clock struck 4 yesterday at the 37th Sharjah International Bookfair and the little workshop room tucked at the corner of the exhibition hall transformed in to a tiny art school. The session called “Against the Wall” is an interactive edutainment model geared towards enhancing children’s imagination, simultaneously teaching them to face life’s challenges and animosities in a positive way. Paolo Ghezzi who was organising this workshop handed out drawing sheets to children asking them to draw what they didn’t like in life.

After giving it a fair amount of thought and with a few protests from children who found it difficult to articulate their emotions through painting all relented. They then drew objects like fruits and vegetables that they didn’t like eating to human figures that they didn’t particularly admire. Following this, Paolo asked them to blow coloured bubbles on their sheets. When asked Paolo about the purpose of this activity, he said, “the idea is conveying to children that when you don’t like something, then you do not need complain in a violent way”.

Paolo further says, “let out your steam and aggression in a creative way. That’s what we try to teach the children. Bubbles are like dreams they overlap. The activity is metaphoric. To get people to come together as communities and break barriers that divide them, be it political, social or personal. It’s a way to find relief for your frustrations”.  

The workshop is therefore aimed at teaching students the idea of symbolic speech and nonverbal expression.


Source: National Network Communications (NNC)