Greek-Mediterranean concept, GAIA, opens its doors in DIFC. Inspired by the Greek Goddess of all earth, the mountains, sun and sea, GAIA serves humble and authentic cuisine in a contemporary space filled with hidden details and charm.

The GAIA menu was designed by Chef Izu Ani and Chef Orestis, who combine their skills to incorporate the core elements of Greek cuisine and translate it into Dubai’s dining landscape. With a harmonious approach to flavours, carefully prepared plates are served in layers, so that each dish compliments the previous to create a gastronomical experience for each and every guest. Enticing signature dishes include freshly baked Bread, an exquisite Greek Salad, Baked Feta, Seabream Carpaccio and succulent Baby Goat, followed by traditional Greek desserts.

Chef Izu, Concept Creator of GAIA said, “To create GAIA, we truly delved into the foundations of Greek culture, and explored the elements of their cuisine, their eating rituals and how they enjoy meals. The most important parts are often the ones that you can’t see, like the roots of a tree or the submerged part of the ice-berg. GAIA stemmed from this philosophy, a venture born of depth, history and expertise.”

He added, “Understanding our ingredients is one of our main priorities, they are our partners in the kitchen and we treat them with respect, just as the Greeks do. Throughout the GAIA menu, a simple and humble approach creates some of the most powerful dishes and we mediate between flavours to create a beautiful balance.”

An ice market takes central position in the contemporary space, with fresh fish and seafood that changes daily. Guests are encouraged to visit the in-house fish expert, a Fishelier for excellent recommendations tailored exactly to suit their preference. From the type of seafood to the method of cooking, the Fishelier provides bespoke orders and an unmatched level of service.

Filled with traditional artefacts and intriguing aspects balanced harmoniously with modern detailing, GAIA provides the perfect juxtaposition of Greek history in Dubai’s contemporary ambiance. A large grandiose staircase leads guests towards a kitsch souvenir shop located on the lower level of the restaurant, complete with trinkets, olive oil and shells, reminiscent of a Greek seaside town. The lower ground floor is also home to an exclusive Chef’s Table, with twelve seats surrounded by white stone walls next to the kitchen, that creates an intimate experience between the Chef and diners.

Located in Gate Building 4, DIFC, GAIA is now open daily for lunch from 12pm to 3pm and dinner from 7pm to 2am.


Source: Z.Seven