PINZA, the modern ‘pinzeria’ that delivers the lightest, crunchiest, tastiest and healthiest hand-kneaded crust in Dubai, has unveiled a bold-new flavour, The Hangover, reflecting the choice of customers.

Observing and listening to the aspirations of customers for a ‘pinza’ of their choice, The Hangover recreates the much-preferred selection of PINZA aficionados, who would go generous on meat and jalapeno, especially on weekends.

The result is The Hangover, featuring three different types of meats and generous dollops of jalapeno that is very similar to what the customers had been ordering.  A must-try for all pinza lovers, The Hangover bursts with flavours with tomato sauce, diced mozzarella, salami, peperoni, Spianata Piccante, grass-fed wagyu sausage, fresh onions, jalapenos and chilli flakes.

Developed thoughtfully to assure guests that perfect pinza that satisfies their craving, The Hangover will delight every PINZA lover for its strong flavours, exceptional taste and incredible value.

PINZA’s signature recipe and multi-step production process was developed over five months and has now found tremendous appeal among food lovers. Its special formula incorporates four types of specially selected flour and involves a 30-hour fermentation process, higher water content than traditional pizzas, a pre-baking process and hand-kneading.

PINZA’s bases are naturally vegan and can be combined with a delicious array of toppings that are carefully sourced from across the world. PINZA has been named ‘Best Pizza in Dubai’ by Zomato based on customer preference and ‘Most Researched Pizza on Google’ at the Business ME Awards.


Source: Cicero and Bernay